It is not the employer’s responsibility and losenoidoomock to allow you to keep your job, and for the most part our economy has operated this way during web hosting and seo our industrialized history in spite of unions’ attempts to the contrary. Why should we expect anything less from our government as an employer? It is the employee’s responsibility to make sure they are educated enough to be hired. Employees are selling a product every day they go to work, and that product is the knowledge and abilities they bring to the table. If they (you) are not providing the best product to the employer, that employer should be free to choose the best value for his/her/its money, end of story.

Unfortunately that’s not the end of the story, but the end is near. Today I read in the NY Times (via MyWay news) that union membership is on the decline and at its lowest level since the early 1900’s, with private sector membership at 7.9% of the workforce. Public sector now stands at (are you ready?) a whopping 36.4% of government employees unionized. As a measure of cost to the consumer, our government is providing a very costly product.

Raven mentioned morale. I’d like to add that when someone earns a job their morale is much higher than someone who feels they have a right to a job. But then, that’s approaching the workforce from a standpoint of personal responsibility. Oh my, imagine being responsible for your own existence. It may not be your choice that you are here on this planet (perhaps that’s God’s doing), but once you are here it is your responsibility to fend for yourself and provide for yourself. It is not the village’s responsibility to take care of you (Hillary!). How do you provide for yourself? You have to be a productive member of your village (society). Union members are the least productive among us because of that feeling of having a right to work versus having earned work.


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More on unions

Please don’t laugh at the title, I know when read aloud it sounds like moron unions, but I really do mean to say that I want to follow Raven’s post with more to say about unions. Before I begin though phantom of the opera discount tickets, I want to introduce myself. I’m Uncle Jack, one of the newest members, not only to this site but also to the blogosphere. Before I learned about blogging I was shamelessly pounding my friends with conservative views in e-mails last year while helplessly worrying about the potential for a french looking presidency in the candidate of Jean Francois Kerrie. We escaped with our republic and my sense of humor intact, thank God. Yes, I thanked God. I’m Catholic, Conservative, a Veteran of the U.S Navy, an Economics major, a Financial Planner by trade, and a very strong believer in making all choices from the standpoint of personal responsibility, which brings me back to the topic of this post, unions.

Unions had their place and played a very important role in the development of fair hiring practices, fariness in the payment for labor, child labor laws, the 40-hour work week, etc., all at the turn of the last century and throughout the 1900’s. Since then, with a peak in union membership in the mid 1950’s, the unions have gotten more aggressive and demanding in their nature and companies have shyed away from allowing unions to develop in their workplaces. The really terrible injustice, both to the hiring company and to the consumer, is that unions cost everyone more money, more time, and usually end up producing an inferior product to boot. When an employee feels for even one minute that he has a “right” to a job the costs begin to rise, which is exactly what Raven was saying in the post about the new employment rules in D.C.

Unions still attempt to hold companies, and the consumer at the end of the line who consumes the product, hostage to their demands. The question no one ever bothers to ask is, “Who will pay for your increased demands?” Raven is required to perform to certain standards to keep that nursing assistant job and if she does not perform to standards, out she goes.

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in Raya Tragedy and Murder of Officer Stevenson Losenoidoomock

Here is yet another example of the great job the crew over at The  Modesto Bee are doing in reporting events surrounding the tragedy of Andres Raya and his murder of officer Sgt. Howard Stevenson. Furthermore, it appears Crystal Clear to me with Police Chief de Werk’s comment,"I hate to tell you, the days of May-berry are over." , he really  gets itregarding the houston seo company danger his officers and all Americans are facing with regards to ignoring the nihilism of gangs any longer.

Although I don’t want to get into it completely right now as I am not quite up to it, I did also want to use this as what I see as an example of what I am talking about with regards to the way an individual or group of individuals might give  meaning to an awful , tragic and senseless event. In this case the police suffered a great loss in the slaying of fellow officer Sgt. Howard Stevenson.

They are stepping up to the plate to transform this event into something more than their loss. They are taking action with the hope and intent no others including BOTH the police force and their community  will have to needlessly suffer in this way. De Werk said, “It will be a mistake if people believe we are doing this to attack any one group,” he said, noting that police are looking for gang members, not any ethnic group. “We don’t care what they look like.”

On the other hand, I gather from the contents of this linked article and others I have read, the gangs continue to be thugs and blame the police. There has been an increase in threatening graffiti towards the police. Chief De Werk, who increasingly appears to be a truly gifted civilian servant had to counter some stupid idea that his department was targeting Latinos for arrest in sweeps of gang  areas that have followed the deadly attack.

As I have written before, in my opinion, those who know the truth and reality of the gang infestation and are not speaking up are absolutely complicit. For the family and Latino community to ignore what this young man could have accomplished by serving our country and staying completely  away from the gang and to miss the opportunity to come completely and bravely forward and not hide behind their shared delusion gangs weren’t a part of this evil, serves to ensure it will only happen again to some other soldier, some other family , and some other community.


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The Wide Awakes

This is a pure opinion piece and thus mine and mine alone.

As I watched the MSM coverage and read blogs from the region and their wicked tickets broadway description of the Iraqi elections over the last 36 hours, I felt a great sense of pride in the fact that American men and women had brought Iraq to this point. Now is the time for the men and women of Iraq to take the torch and move down the path to full democracy. I have no doubts that Iraq will succeed; you could see it on the face of every voter as they waved their blue fingers while singing and dancing in celebration.

Today is not only a historic day but a day to be thankful. Thankful for the brave men and women of our armed forces for their steadfast duty and belief in our goals for Iraq, thankful for the brave men and women of Iraq for voting today despite the large number of obstacles. We need also to thank our President for his leadership and the faith that our cause was just in the face of opposition from liberals in this country and pretender allies abroad.

The American people who have supported our troops and their efforts from day one should also take pride that the job is nearing completion. By estimates of the provisional government, Coalition troops could start withdrawing within 12 to 18 months. The Iraqi National Guard and Iraqi Police showed that they are more then up to the task or protecting their fellow citizens. Iraq will be able to defend themselves against the Islamofascists who seek nothing but death and destruction.

The World stood and watched as democracy took its first steps in a strange land. The only ones who should feel shame on this great day are the UN and our pretender allies. Frankly in my humble opinion the United Nations is the biggest loser today. The United States with only help from Canada, on the elections, and the rest of our Coalition allies have succeeded in holding an open and free election when most thought such an event impossible.

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Today the World watched as the UN was further proven unnecessary. Typically the role of the UN included organizing and holding fair and impartial elections in fledgling democracies. They refused to help the Iraqi people with this election and thus turned their back on the new Iraq. The role of the UN in the rebuilding of Iraq has been minimal at best and should remain so. The Iraqi should soon benefit from oil revenues if they prove successful in their efforts to prevent attacks in the south and since there has not been an attack in recent months, they appear to be on their way to securing a stable source of income for the country.

The other losers who stayed on the sideline include our “allies” in Europe. France had wayback time machine thought since they have a large Islamic population, they could just walk in at the last minute and do business with the new Iraqi government. I believe they have been told a polite “get lost” by the current Iraqi administration. The Germans while not offering much in the line of assistance for Iraq, other then their NATO commitments, have at least continued in the fight against terror. I think they feel some guilt since they seem to be the largest terrorist training ground outside of the Middle East.

But I don’t want to dwell on the negative like some of the liberals in this country. I don’t think John Kerry helped his chances in 2008, with his assine statement today on Meet the Press. To completely discount the efforts of our men and women in uniform, not to mention the hard work and participation by all Iraqis is such an inappropriate thing to say that I am at a lost to describe how much of a jackass he really is. I spent time flipping between Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN and I must say that someone read the tea leaves this morning and decided that for once, positive was the way to go.

In all, January 30th 2005 will be a date that stands as a great example of what freedom and democracy can accomplish. A date that should be held high by both Iraqi and Americans alike as another step toward freedom. Every member of our armed forces that had served in Iraq and Afghanistan or supported those missions will be able to say to their children and grandchildren that they helped two countries move to a free and democratic society. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you to all for your service and efforts in these endeavors. History will look well upon you.

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